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  • The closeness of software, and its dangers.

    Craig of /dev/ttys0 has discovered an interesting backdoor in D-Link routers; by setting your user agent to a particular string it is possible to circumvent the admin authentication challenge. While this is just one of the cases, who knows how many devices have been “backdoored” over the year, either by manufacturers; or by telecom operators…

  • How the semantic web should come back, and is.

    The web has come a big way. Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s invention that changd the world has undergone a large metamorphosis in the way how it provides millions – and now billions – of human beings information, communication and entertainment. Early websites had a fair amount of content, but it was surrounded by flashing marquee’s, background…

  • Browa10: Brute force script for OWA 2010 servers

    To quickly test the strength of passwords used by users on a domain, through an OWA (Outlook Web Access) 2010 interface. Here’s the ruby code, and its README. Please use this script responsibly and only against servers you’re authorized to audit.

  • Why this kolaveri 3? Living up to the hype.

    A few days ago, I read a post where the founder of the video and photo sharing application Color gives feedback on the much talked about 1 Billion dollar Instagram buyout. Color came little over a year ago, creating great promises towards sharing pictures with your fellow nearby smartphone users; rather than facebook’s lame and…

  • The Android Ipad

    A fake, android powered iPad in Dragon Mart.

  • 7days meta refresh hack

    The 7 days newspaper was subject to a “meta refresh” hack earlier today, yet it seems to be fixed already. When going to any link, it would point to the following page: It seems to be hacked by a particular W0LF Gh4m3d, a person who does several defacements without any political agenda. One of his/her…

  • Bye Blackberry, hello Android

    After three years of series of using BlackBerries (work and personal), I went to the dark side and got myself an Android phone. It was a bit getting used to (and necesarry nagging from my end), but here are some of the reasons why I love it, and some reasons why I miss my Blackberry:

  • Old random scribbles

    Copied from the old archives.. 🙂 Differences between 1987 and 2007: Ctrl-Z:

  • FacebookError: OAuthException – Invalid OAuth access token

    On, we got notified of some issues with Facebook signups and logins. All of the sudden, when the Facebook OAuth service pushed us back to our redirect-page, the HyperGraph Gem threw the following error: FacebookError: OAuthException – Invalid OAuth access token This is often thrown because the Access Token could contain a | (pipe)…

  • Error mongoDB under Ubuntu – can’t find

    When installing MongoDB under Ubuntu, one could stumble upon the following problem: mongo: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory This is caused because MongoDB uses XulRunner for it’s operations. (This is also why you see a bunch of X11 programs that are to be installed…