LiLith is a tool written in Perl to audit web applications. This tool analyses webpages and looks for html <form> tags , which often refer to dynamic pages that might be subject to SQL injection or other flaws.

It works as an ordinary spider and analyses pages, following hyperlinks, injecting special characters that have a special meaning to any underlying platform.

Any Web applications scanner can never perform a full 100% correct audit. Therefore, a manual re-check is necesarry. Hence, be aware that Lilith might come up with several false positives.

Download Lilith
Lilith 0.6

The new version of LiLith, 0.6a has been a major upgrade, few of the changes are listed below:

  • got rid of many many false positives (that’s good)
  • when SQL error is found, it now goes onto next var
  • improved (i hope) scanning engine
  • (anti) coldfusion support
  • better cookie handling and cookie tampering
  • omitted perl HTML::Form limitation
  • better verbose output
  • extensive logging
  • detects directory indexing
  • recursive URL dissection
  • cleaned up this pasta code

More Information
For more information, it is recommended to read the following white paper: web dissection using lilith.

To contact me, please feel free to email me at, or at any of the other -more social- ways mentioned in the about page.