In a previous life, I created some tools:

(Update: also check my github page)

  • : a tool to watch remote IIS directory settings. Written in Perl. (September 2003):
  • sc_aspcmd.c: Shellcode that generates a asp.cmd file, and puts it in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\shell.asp (August 2003)
  • seringe.c: ARP request interceptor [README] (February, 2004)
  • Opcode Finder: finds x86 opcodes in a process’ memory space, to ease finding return addresses for creating opcodes. (September 2003)
  • script that tests blocking filters, based on email extensions. (February 2004)
  • Browa10: OWA 2010 brute force script. [README]. (November 2012):
  • DomainDig: script that filters many domain names using the DuckDuckGo search engine. Use with | sort | uniq for best results.(February 2013)
  • HagRAT: A barebone Remote Access Tool proof of concept.


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