This is meHi, welcome to my personal blog. My name is Michael Hendrickx (obviously, with a domain name such as this, and no, the ckx is not a typo) and I was born in Lier, Belgium. I’ve lived in Dubai for almost a decade, moved to Vancouver, BC for a good while, and now I reside in Washington State. I’m a security engineer for Microsoft.

I’ve been working in the IT security field for the past 15 years and have been coding / scripting in languages such as x86 assembly up until C++, C#, PHP, perl, Python, Ruby and JS. I’ve spoken at a few conferences here and there.

In the past, I tried to patch together some browser extensions, and tools. Also, I published some security findings for a security group called securax in Belgium, and later when I joined a security company in Belgium, (more here, here and here)

I am an avid GNU Linux user, I shifted in the past decade from Slackware, to Gentoo, to Ubuntu. Now, I stick to Ubuntu, if they keep the bloat off. Obvisouly, I work with Kali on many occasions. Of course, work likes me to use Windows every now and then.

To act a bit social, you can find me on the following:

Feel free to contact me at me@michaelhendrickx.com, in this 1984 laden world, I encourage you to use my PGP key.

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