Why this kolaveri 3? Living up to the hype.

A few days ago, I read a post where the founder of the video and photo sharing application Color gives feedback on the much talked about 1 Billion dollar Instagram buyout.

Color came little over a year ago, creating great promises towards sharing pictures with your fellow nearby smartphone users; rather than facebook’s lame and weird single perspective on life.

Fast forward a year, and unlike color, Instagram became a hot entrepreneurial topic; how can a iOS-only photo sharing application be acquired for 10 digits. It seems the latter remained humble and focused on the product, refrained from passing to many negative comments and so on, and it created a nice product, rather than creating a hype.

Another hype phenomenon can be seen in the indian tamilian movie 3, the movie of the internet meme “Kolaveri D”. Although the tamil song created a large hype, the movie seemed to be less successful. Much different to color, there was no arrogance or anything; the movie simply didn’t live up to the hype.

The iPhone 4S was a bit of a let down, not because it is a bad device, yet the world was expecting an iPhone 5. It (the world) created a hype.

Although I’m not really in any position to say how to run your business, but ease down on the hype. Create a kick-ass product, the hype will just be substituted by word of mouth. And that’s what you want.






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