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  • CertGraph: visualizing the distribution of trusted CA’s

    Much of the Internet’s security posture relies on the correct implementation of certificates or certs. We’ve all been taught to look for the “green lock” on websites, and things such as mixed mode and HSTS are a good push for that. Certs 101: Websites, say, have a leaf certificate. This certificate holds some metadata, […]

  • Install Burp CA certificate on Android Emulator

    Some people ask me how they can “hijack” HTTPS API calls from an Android app. One of the best ways is to use PortSwiggers free Burp Suite, and hijack all traffic between your app and the server. One of the problems is, how do you add burp’s CA certificate to your android (emulator)? Burp’s help […]

  • Phone numbers as default eLife WiFi keys

    The UAE’s internet is pretty much provided by two ISP’s: Etisalat and Du who provide broadband services to its customers. Focusing on the largest of the two, Etisalat, they provide a eLife program that allows triple play services into the homes of their customer base, which include a WiFi network. The problem though is that […]

  • UAE issues new decree to combat cybercrime

    The UAE has issues a new decree on “combating cyber crimes”. This decree, available in three parts (here, here and here) stipulates recent do’s and don’ts that amend the previous decree dated from 5 years ago. In a world where we see religiously offensive cartoons and movements such as Occupy Wall Street, and all its […]

  • How to fake it with Alexa?

    Many people ask me why their website has a low Alexa rank. Alexa, an Amazon-owned analytics service shows and ranks different websites and can even tell one the audience their website is getting; including gender, education and age groups. The question often remains; How does Alexa work? Do they monitor the entire Internet? The answer […]

  • Privacy in a widgeted world

    The Internet as we use it today, has very little privacy left. We all say that Facebook and Google know “too much”, only to realise that they don’t know anything aside from what we feed them, or do they? Welcome the “widget”. A piece of html (with css, javascript..) to be included in another page, […]

  • Simple file sharing, is one of those websites I wish existed more. A form to share files up to 100MB; simple, neat and fast (thank you, whoever, for fixing the broken cables). A great, nifty tool from the guys at builtBackwards. Love it!

  • Cable cuts make UAE’s internet slooooow

    With recent cuts in “internet cables” off the coast of Sicily, the internet and voice traffic has been seriously affected in the region. It would take several days to be repaired… I forgot already what 14400 felt like..

  • Make HTML pages quickly, Drawter

    Drawter is one of those tools that are just too good to be true. It allows you to “draw” a page, and then export it’s CSS and HTML code. It uses JQuery heavily, and I’m loving it. It does one simple thing, making HTML pages, but does it very well.

  • Linked-In to have applications. Professional superpoke anyone?

    Linked In, the professional social network introduced the possibility of using applications. Just as facebook, myspace and friendster did. Linked in feels the threat of Facebook, especially combined with applications such as Kuhnektid to increase your professional “visibility” across the work. Most of linked-in users, are on facebook too. A set of examples are there […]