Entropy is not what it used to be.

  • UAE issues new decree to combat cybercrime

    The UAE has issues a new decree on “combating cyber crimes”. This decree, available in three parts (here, here and here) stipulates recent do’s and don’ts that amend the previous decree dated from 5 years ago. In a world where we see religiously offensive cartoons and movements such as Occupy Wall Street, and all its […]

  • keyspace limitations

    I can’t really say which website this is, but it’s a middle eastern telecommunication company. Maximum 8 character password, in 2012, really? But then again, in a confirmation email, I noticed that these guys store the password in cleartext. Is diskspace really that expensive that we have to make it a VARCHAR(8)? I know these […]

  • Why this kolaveri 3? Living up to the hype.

    A few days ago, I read a post where the founder of the video and photo sharing application Color gives feedback on the much talked about 1 Billion dollar Instagram buyout. Color came little over a year ago, creating great promises towards sharing pictures with your fellow nearby smartphone users; rather than facebook’s lame and […]

  • How to fake it with Alexa?

    Many people ask me why their website has a low Alexa rank. Alexa, an Amazon-owned analytics service shows and ranks different websites and can even tell one the audience their website is getting; including gender, education and age groups. The question often remains; How does Alexa work? Do they monitor the entire Internet? The answer […]

  • The Android Ipad

    A fake, android powered iPad in Dragon Mart.

  • Privacy in a widgeted world

    The Internet as we use it today, has very little privacy left. We all say that Facebook and Google know “too much”, only to realise that they don’t know anything aside from what we feed them, or do they? Welcome the “widget”. A piece of html (with css, javascript..) to be included in another page, […]

  • Rails, what’s wrong with serving static JS and CSS files?

    For a new web project, I’ve been looking at Rails 3.1, the latest update of the popular Ruby on Rails web application framework. Although I just started on it, and haven’t seen all the goodness, one thing that raised my eyebrows is how static content a la CSS and JavaScript is handled, through an asset […]

  • JQlog: JQuery Keylogger, or why not to trust your proxy admin.

    Note that this post is for awareness and educational purposes only. I do not encourage, and cannot be held responsible for malicious actions using these tools. The Internet, as it is today, is a mash-up of JavaScript enabled services, often included from external websites. Internet companies offer so-called widgets, which are JavaScript tools that can […]

  • 7days meta refresh hack

    The 7 days newspaper was subject to a “meta refresh” hack earlier today, yet it seems to be fixed already. When going to any link, it would point to the following page: It seems to be hacked by a particular W0LF Gh4m3d, a person who does several defacements without any political agenda. One of his/her […]

  • Kriesi_image_preloader won’t load in IE / Opera

    A friend of mine is using the Newscast for his blog. It is a great looking theme that has an image preloader written in JQuery. It was all looking good in Firefox, but wasn’t displaying properly in IE and Opera. The javascript fails around line 60 in themes/TFnewscast/js/custom.js: jQuery(‘#main’).kriesi_image_preloader({delay:100, callback:removeloader}); This can be fixed by […]

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