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  • KeyWalking: pattern based passwords

    TL,DR; download the script here. In security audits, when we get a password file we -even though we may have admin or root access on the target already- usually grab the password file for offline cracking, just to see if there’s any passwords that users re-use, which would give us more access to other systems. […]

  • The need for emergency access codes

    “I have nothing to hide.” is one of the more recent empty responses when conversing about privacy. We’re not all criminals, but we all have something to hide. Whether it’s a snoopy spouse, an unfair employer or a threatening government cellphones are now -more than ever- secure from physical access. Having a pin code on […]

  • Brocade brute forcer

    During a pentest, I needed to test a Brocade SAN Switch. Since the Java webstart was quite slow, and I couldn’t find another script – I quickly coded this together to brute force passwords: brocade_brute.rb

  • Install Burp CA certificate on Android Emulator

    Some people ask me how they can “hijack” HTTPS API calls from an Android app. One of the best ways is to use PortSwiggers free Burp Suite, and hijack all traffic between your app and the server. One of the problems is, how do you add burp’s CA certificate to your android (emulator)? Burp’s help […]

  • Quis hackiet ipsos hackes?

  • the state of Mixed Mode

    When a browser grabs a webpage over HTTPS, *nobody* (aside from revelations that governments can see our SSL traffic) can see what’s happening between your browser and the target webserver.  You are protected against the prying eyes of an evil network admin, proxy admin or even government. Modern websites often import JavaScripts files from multiple […]

  • But the camera rocks

    On my way home form a merely thought-inspiring movie, I passed by a few girls sharing a cigarette on your typical San Francisco cafe’s terrace. One of them was showing her (?) phone to the other, who told her friend “…but the camera rocks”. It made me, continuing the movie’s aftermath realize how we’ve given […]

  • Phone numbers as default eLife WiFi keys

    The UAE’s internet is pretty much provided by two ISP’s: Etisalat and Du who provide broadband services to its customers. Focusing on the largest of the two, Etisalat, they provide a eLife program that allows triple play services into the homes of their customer base, which include a WiFi network. The problem though is that […]

  • UAE issues new decree to combat cybercrime

    The UAE has issues a new decree on “combating cyber crimes”. This decree, available in three parts (here, here and here) stipulates recent do’s and don’ts that amend the previous decree dated from 5 years ago. In a world where we see religiously offensive cartoons and movements such as Occupy Wall Street, and all its […]

  • keyspace limitations

    I can’t really say which website this is, but it’s a middle eastern telecommunication company. Maximum 8 character password, in 2012, really? But then again, in a confirmation email, I noticed that these guys store the password in cleartext. Is diskspace really that expensive that we have to make it a VARCHAR(8)? I know these […]