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Linked-In to have applications. Professional superpoke anyone?

Linked In, the professional social network introduced the possibility of using applications. Just as facebook, myspace and friendster did.

Linked in feels the threat of Facebook, especially combined with applications such as Kuhnektid to increase your professional “visibility” across the work. Most of linked-in users, are on facebook too.

A set of examples are there in their application directory. Tools such as file sharing, project collaboration, or being notified when one of your “contacts” is in the same city as you are there. No sight of a SDK yet, and no superpokes either.

Let’s see how users adapt to this.



Enterprise and usability, they don’t get it.

A bit of a personal rant.. At work, we have quite a few enterprise applications. Ranging from intranets to performance management systems, and from document management, to service desks. Being the application team lead, their administration fall under yours truly.

We just implemented a new service desk solution, and even though with the world using buzzwords such as Ajax and web 2.0, most of our enterprise solutions are horrible in terms of the UI’s usability and simplicity.

Overloaded menus, pages with dozen links, and basically, so much controls that one cannot see the forest through the trees. Or vice versa.

Is it that hard for enterprise applications to have a simple, easy to understand interface? None of us had to take a “training” to learn how facebook operates, or or youtube.



MS08-67 released out of the patch cycle, new blaster coming up?

A newly discovery vulnerability made Microsoft release a security patch aside from it’s usual cycle, the notorious Patch Tuesday. This “Patch Tuesday” is normally every second Tuesday of the month.

MS08-067 fixes a bug in the RPC handling of the Windows Server service.

The bug was deemed as “critical” on pre-Vista machines, which is still the majority of Windows clients.


New server coming up

I got a new server.. yippie 🙂  And I am preparing it now.

With the higher load in, and some other sites that will be released soon, it was high time to leave the poor celeron for what it is (or will be, a development environment), and move to a new DELL server.

What will you notice, nothing, everything will just be faster.


Google map secret backend API broken?

Hi all,

Some of you might have been aware already about (and alpha testing) the Windows Mobile client for, which will allow you to find out the closest restaurants, petrol stations and such (pretty much the same functionality as the blackberry mini site). These searches happen using triangulation of celltower ID’s on a mobile phone.

Now, in the backend, we were utilizing google’s API for mapping these cell towers to a location, which in return gives us the ability to locate you. This services was moved to another URL silently, which kinda slows down the Windows Mobile development. I guess too many users were using it, using non-google programs.

If anyone is working on more-or-less the same, please get in contact with me. For the others, the windows client will be delayed for a little while then.


internet web

Microsoft to enter the clouds

Microsoft is entering the cloud computing zone pretty soon. It was announced yesterday and will hit the public a month from now with it’s new OS, Windows Clouds (yeh.).

It’s feeling the ppressure from easy to use, browser only, applications such as Gmail, google docs and the like.

I wish Microsoft (or anyone) would come out with an enterprise cloud platform, not on the Internet. I am sure there are more users who wish to make a storage cloud on their network. Or am I the only one?