Drum n bass song, or “going wild with Reason”

Ages ago, I installed Reason and have been playing a bit with it. Few days ago was actually the first time I created something relatively complete. It contains a sample of Public Enemy’s “By The Time I Get To Arizona”.

You can download it here

Feel free to leave any comments for it.






2 responses to “Drum n bass song, or “going wild with Reason””

  1. Joshua Schaible Avatar
    Joshua Schaible

    Hey man. Can you email me at Joshua.schaible@gmail.com. I’d like to talk to you about purchasing your domain lokate.me.


  2. Jay Avatar

    liked the song! Although drum ‘n base isn’t my thing, still was catchy. Perhaps make it a bit more spicy? Now it blended into the background when working.

    Keep up the good work 😉

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