Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 – network trouble?

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In our intranet development environment we run Microsoft Virtual Server, it was setup by the consultants who developed our Intranet’s first phase. Now, the second phase is about the start, we dusted off those servers and found out that the virtual machines all had no network adapters installed anymore.

After cursing, and making a plan of migrating this to VMWare’s ESX (sorry consultant) next week, we found out that the only way of solving this was to remove the virtual adapters from the Virtual Server console, and adding them again. In the client machine’s, a static IP assigned adapter was trying to fetch an IP address (yeah, go figure). By just setting it to dynamic (dhcp), and then reassigning the static address, it was solved.

I guess Microsoft is about just re-trying it, rebooting, re-adding. But we’ll be switching to ESX anyways.

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