Month: July 2010

  • Drum n bass song, or “going wild with Reason”

    Ages ago, I installed Reason and have been playing a bit with it. Few days ago was actually the first time I created something relatively complete. It contains a sample of Public Enemy’s “By The Time I Get To Arizona”. You can download it here Feel free to leave any comments for it.

  • How to shrink Microsoft SQL log files

    When having Microsoft SQL databases, its log files can grow quite a bit, potentially slow down the database server and eat up disk space. To shrink a database, one can run the following line: EXEC D_ShrinkDBLogs 0,100,1000,’with truncate_only’,’DB_NAME’ (change DB_NAME with the database’s name) To shrink all databases, one can use “sp_MSforeachdb” which is an […]

  • Debian won’t boot on BL465 server

    When installing Debian on a HP BL465 server, we sometimes run into the problems that after installing, GRUB won’t boot up anymore. First off, it’s not a Debian specific problem, we had this problem with other Linux distributions also, but decided to standardize on Debian across the organization. Installing to the MBR fails, and you […]