Tar based incremental backups

A small bash script I wrote to have incremental backups done on a unix server, and then pushed to a Windows File system. On the fileserver, we add this directory to the normal backup.

This is on a mail server, where emails are stored in MailDir format. We create weekly full backups on sunday, and daily incremental. This script is called daily at night from a cron job. Gotta love the scripting abilities of bash.

It might help you out, so here goes:

# backup script is doing following items
# dump all incremental email into a backup file, gzip the backup file and
# move the file to an external file server

echo "backup started at: ${START_TIME}"

DOW_N=`/bin/date +"%w"` # number, 0 (sun), 1 (mon)
DOW_T=`/bin/date +"%F"`

FILE_SERVER="/mnt/fileserver/" # mounted over SMB

# if it's a sunday, delete the incremental file and take a full backup
if [ ${DOW_N} -eq "0" ]; then
  /bin/rm ${BACKUP_LOG}

/bin/tar -c -f ${TEMP_FILE} --listed-incremental=${BACKUP_LOG} ${TO_BACKUP}
/bin/gzip -f ${TEMP_FILE}
FILE_SIZE=`/bin/ls -lah ${TEMP_FILE}.gz | awk '{ print $5 }'`
/bin/mv ${TEMP_FILE}.gz ${FILE_SERVER}

## report, this goes in an email through cron
END_TIME=`/bin/date`; export END_TIME
echo "backup ended at: ${END_TIME}"
echo "data moved: ${FILE_SIZE}"

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