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  • Phone numbers as default eLife WiFi keys

    The UAE’s internet is pretty much provided by two ISP’s: Etisalat and Du who provide broadband services to its customers. Focusing on the largest of the two, Etisalat, they provide a eLife program that allows triple play services into the homes of their customer base, which include a WiFi network. The problem though is that…

  • VoIP unblocked in the UAE, the UAE way.

    All hail, newspapers and radio’s stated that VoIP calls are now allowed in the UAE, but.. -and there’s a catch always- only “through licensed operators”. In layman terms, VoIP calls will be billed and the prices will be set by those operators. So we’d have to wait and see if there will be big savings…

  • Dubai Twestival 2009 #2

    Hi all, Just got back from the second Dubai Twestival that took place today at 8 PM. Organized by a wonderful team (PK, Woo, esperanca, Stephanie and Baher and Abhamalpani – please let me know who I missed), it was a success. Thanks all, Michael

  • Dubai Credit Card Fraudsters arrested

    Dubai Police arrested a gang of Arab men, who stole over 200 million dirhams using credit cards doing online shopping, Gulf News said. They were tipped off in August about the guys, and caught most of them now (one out of four is out of the country).

  • Dubai jails yahoo email account hacker

    An Egyptian secretary guessed the password of a yahoo account of an Emirati UN employee, and was sentenced to three months in jail and deportation. The “hacker” emailed the victim that he broke into her email account, and was going to release pictures and “other secrets” of her, according to GulfNews. Not the cybercrime caliber…