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S60 widgets

This is just a quick post on Nokia widgets.  I haven’t owned (lol, 0wned) a Nokia phone for ages (5 years to be specific), but I created a widget for places.ae last week.

S60 (Series 60) widgets are a combination of HTML, Javascript and CSS, in a zip file, with a renamed extension.

I believe that, though Nokia lost a bit of it’s market share, that this is a good step as it promotes agile development. The places.ae widget (which can be downloaded here) took only 1 day of programming. True, most of the CSS and HTML programming is similar to the mobile site, but still.

The S60’s browser platform has a pretty good browser (hey, I’m used to a BlackBerry curve, no fancy iPhone), with good DOM and Xhr support. I wish more platforms would allow the easy development and deployment of Widgets, using known robust technologies and languages.