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  • JQuery AJAX with Rails’ authenticity token

    In Ruby on Rails, authenticity tokens are generated to prevent CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) attacks. These tokens generate a unique “identifier” to prevent other website from making requests on your behalf, or so-called “session riding”. In Ruby on Rails, to have this identifier available for you, you need to put in your view, usually…

  • Spaces, or parentheses are important

    In Rails, j = points.size -1 is not equal to j = points.size – 1 Wouldn’t it be easier if Parentheses were mandatory, so that we could see the difference between: j = points.size -1 and j = points.size(-1)

  • Google map secret backend API broken?

    Hi all, Some of you might have been aware already about (and alpha testing) the Windows Mobile client for places.ae, which will allow you to find out the closest restaurants, petrol stations and such (pretty much the same functionality as the blackberry mini site). These searches happen using triangulation of celltower ID’s on a mobile…