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  • Google map secret backend API broken?

    Hi all, Some of you might have been aware already about (and alpha testing) the Windows Mobile client for places.ae, which will allow you to find out the closest restaurants, petrol stations and such (pretty much the same functionality as the blackberry mini site). These searches happen using triangulation of celltower ID’s on a mobile…

  • Minimalistic browser, Google’s Chrome

    Google came out with a new browser, called Chrome. A company that pushes so much into a browser, made their own browser with minimalistic design (as usually done by google) multiple features, such as the incognito windows (wont leave traces in your sites’s history), the built in javascript console, V8 Javascript engine. See it as…

  • AIR version for your Google services

    GMDesk is an Adobe AIR program that allows you to do your Gmail, Gdocs, GCalender and other GPerks all in a desktop application, cross platform. There’s no need anymore to open Google in your browser.