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Archiving outlook emails, gmail style

In Nakheel we have a maximum email quota which gets filled up pretty quickly if you receive large attachements, such as presentations, manuals and silly movies. I wanted to build a macro that imitates Gmail awesome archiving method.

Based on the lifehackers’s article, my version had to move the my selected mails to a PST file on my disk, freeing up space on my “online mailbox”.

I won’t repeat how to make the macro and all, the lifehacker’s article does a very good job in that. I just made a few changes to the code, and that is below:

Sub Archive()
  pst_file = "C:\Backup\archived.pst"
  Set ns = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI")
  ns.AddStore (pst_file)
  Set ArchiveFolder = ns.Folders("archived")

  For Each Msg In ActiveExplorer.Selection
    Msg.Move ArchiveFolder
  Next Msg
End Sub

AIR version for your Google services

GMDesk is an Adobe AIR program that allows you to do your Gmail, Gdocs, GCalender and other GPerks all in a desktop application, cross platform.

There’s no need anymore to open Google in your browser.