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CSS Background not showing in IE

I searched for a while, and could not find out why places.ae wasn’t showing it’s background in IE, but it was showing it in Firefox (didn’t check other browsers).

Apparently, I had a “mistake” in my CSS files, and IE seem to trap more on this than firefox. I had the following line:

#city{ background:url(http://img.places.ae/p2bg.jpg)repeat-x scroll left top; width:100%; height:208px;}

And the missing space aftedr the url() parameter, prevented IE from showing the background. Just a quick tip in case you run into the same problems.


CSS Optimizer shrinks your CSS files

CSS Optimizer is a tool that will shrink your CSS files and shave off a few kilobytes. I tested a few CSS files on places.ae and, shamefully, saw an average of 33% improvement that’s possible. (Though not as bad as some other sites: salik (49%) and dubai police (62%)).

Very useful tool, especially on mobile sites or sites where bandwidth is an important factor.