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  • Offline, sorry

    I’m very sorry I haven’t updated my blog for a while. I went on a holiday, and fell sick when I got back in Dubai. Give me a few days, and I will update this again! Thanks, Michael

  • Yahoo overhauls its image search

    Yahoo overhauled it’s image search, and some say it’s a better search than Google now. I wouldn’t hurt for Yahoo, as they have to re-gain some market share in the world of search engines. For the UAE, the bad part though, is that most of the images are feeded from Flickr, which is blocked here.

  • Happy Birthday Linux

    Yay, Linux exists 15 years. The little rebel OS was put to public 15 years ago. It’s architecture and philosophy lead to the popularity of other operating systems (BSD, and thus also Mac OS). Even though I work quite a significant amount of time on Mac now, i still use Linux every single day. Best…

  • .tel TLD open for public tomorow

    The new .TEL TLD willbe open for public tomorrow. It starts at a premium of close to 300 USD, and is destined for telecom operators. Though, i’d say the more expensive would be and, corporates are more interested in the .com TLD anyways. Thanks, and .tel your friends, m1ke

  • New server coming up

    I got a new server.. yippie 🙂  And I am preparing it now. With the higher load in, and some other sites that will be released soon, it was high time to leave the poor celeron for what it is (or will be, a development environment), and move to a new DELL server. What…

  • New blog

    Hi all, Welcome to my new blog. I will slowly move away from and start posting things here, see it as a slow “exit strategy” of mine. Expect a bit more technical talks here, and a bit less UAE -non-techy- related talks, I wish to focus mainly on programming in environments such as Ruby…