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  • Ban Ki Moon is now into 419 scams

    It seems that the United Nations is reserving 500.000 USD and I’m one of the 10 lucky ones to receive it. 😉 It’s the all old 419 scams, all over again. Just wrapped into a JPG image, and using trusted names. Some things will never change,

  • Your mobile number has been awarded 430,000.00 Pounds

    —— SMS —— From: +22996713827 Sent: Nov 5, 2009 9:54 PM Subject: (NOKIA PROMO) (NOKIA PROMO) Your mobile number has been awarded 430,000.00 Pounds. Your REF Number is ML10002BN. To claim, email: and call +447024084530 The only cool thing is that this SMS was sent from a number in Benin, which has a TLD […]

  • Dubai Twestival 2009 #2

    Hi all, Just got back from the second Dubai Twestival that took place today at 8 PM. Organized by a wonderful team (PK, Woo, esperanca, Stephanie and Baher and Abhamalpani – please let me know who I missed), it was a success. Thanks all, Michael

  • Starting a UAE business now 40.000 USD cheaper

    Gulfnews tells us that those who are willing to start a business (LLC, Limited liability company), do not have to cough op the 150.000 AED (40.000 USD). With the current economic situation, this is not a bad step at all. More than 80 % of businesses in the UAE are LLC’s, so it’s a good […]

  • Etisalat’s spyware patch – funny video

    Catboy, a radio DJ at Dubai 92, released a funny video on Etisalat’s spyware patch for Blackberries. (more here, here and here) Simply awesome.

  • Are web frameworks really worth it?

    As is maturing to it’s 500 days being online and growing… It’s also awfully painstaking how cumbersome a framework (it’s written in Ruby on Rails) can be. Agreed, I am not the most seasoned rails programmer, and my ruby code sometimes makes people cry, but still. Note that this rant is about web based […]

  • Archiving outlook emails, gmail style

    In Nakheel we have a maximum email quota which gets filled up pretty quickly if you receive large attachements, such as presentations, manuals and silly movies. I wanted to build a macro that imitates Gmail awesome archiving method. Based on the lifehackers’s article, my version had to move the my selected mails to a PST […]

  • When health warnings and math don’t go together

    I got an email today from a colleague, warning about a poisonous gas called gasoline. Odd in a oil-rich country though. If you read it, you’ll notice that 15 degrees Fahrenheit is 6 degrees Celcius or 60 degrees Celcius. In reality, 15 degrees Fahrenheit is -9 degrees Celcius. I guess this memo wasn’t really talking […]

  • Logging into SSH with a different username

    I love SSH. SSH is the de-facto service for remote server management, especially in a CLI environment. Being a avid Linux user, and spending quite a bit of time on OSX lately, I often SSH into several servers remotely. Being subject to “username conventions”, you don’t always share the same username across machines. And I […]

  • SOA is dead, or is it?

    When I joined Dubaiworld three years ago as a information architect, SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) was the buzzword. All major vendors, IBM, Microsoft, SUN, had ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) solutions, and SOA’s were going to save the world, but instead it was a big failure. While the business side of IT was too busy making […]