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How to fake it with Alexa?

Many people ask me why their website has a low Alexa rank. Alexa, an Amazon-owned analytics service shows and ranks different websites and can even tell one the audience their website is getting; including gender, education and age groups. The question often remains; How does Alexa work? Do they monitor the entire Internet?

The answer is a lot less mythical; it uses statistics from users who download the Alexa Toolbar (and fill in their gender, education, etc) and visit your website. It is commonly statistical sampling and has been done for the past 60 years for tv shows.

Being an engineer at heart, How does Alexa work? A little analysis at hand. Furthermore, with some scripting, you can boost your Alexa ratings quite a bit. read more »

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The Android Ipad

A fake, android powered iPad in Dragon Mart.


Dot the I, why QA is important with license agreements

Granted, as many others, I don’t read each and every license user agreement when installing software, but the following tops it all. Having an extra pair of eyes doesn’t hurt before you put your creation to market:

Yes, this is a real screenshot.

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Archiving outlook emails, gmail style

In Nakheel we have a maximum email quota which gets filled up pretty quickly if you receive large attachements, such as presentations, manuals and silly movies. I wanted to build a macro that imitates Gmail awesome archiving method.

Based on the lifehackers’s article, my version had to move the my selected mails to a PST file on my disk, freeing up space on my “online mailbox”.

I won’t repeat how to make the macro and all, the lifehacker’s article does a very good job in that. I just made a few changes to the code, and that is below:

Sub Archive()
  pst_file = "C:\Backup\archived.pst"
  Set ns = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI")
  ns.AddStore (pst_file)
  Set ArchiveFolder = ns.Folders("archived")

  For Each Msg In ActiveExplorer.Selection
    Msg.Move ArchiveFolder
  Next Msg
End Sub
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Dubai Twestival 2009

Yesterday evening, it was the Dubai Chapter of the Twestival. Twestival is a festival, organized by the Twitter community worldwide. Over 165 cities worldwide participated on this event to support the Charity Water foundation.

The Dubai chapter was held yesterday in Barasti, Mina Seyahi.

It was an amazing event, and had a great turnout. It’s very handy to put a person behind a “twitter username”, and met many new twitterers.

Thanks for the awesome team who organized it,


PhoneGap, bridging the gap between Safari and the iPhone’s API

Another quick one, phonegap is a tool for your iPhone which will allow you to talk to your local API’s. Currently it holds the following:

  • Accelerometer
  • Geo Location
  • Camera (pending)
  • Vibration (pending)

This means that the iPhone portion of will support Phonegap also. But seriously, if you’re an iPhone user, this is just a must have.



Yearbook yourself

A fun website I heard about, allows one to upload a picture and see it with different hair styles and fashion styles.

Try it, it’s awesome.