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Browa10: Brute force script for OWA 2010 servers

To quickly test the strength of passwords used by users on a domain, through an OWA (Outlook Web Access) 2010 interface.
Here’s the ruby code, and its README.

Please use this script responsibly and only against servers you’re authorized to audit.

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UAE issues new decree to combat cybercrime

The UAE has issues a new decree on “combating cyber crimes”. This decree, available in three parts (here, here and here) stipulates recent do’s and don’ts that amend the previous decree dated from 5 years ago.

In a world where we see religiously offensive cartoons and movements such as Occupy Wall Street, and all its derivatives; many countries in the region have had uprisings against their governments. This protests have largely been made possible due to technology.

Be warned though, although it is widely known that the promotion of prostitution and gambling is illegal in the country, some rules may not be so obvious. If you try to raise funds for a cause which isn’t authorized, you could end up in trouble.