Month: April 2011

  • 7days meta refresh hack

    The 7 days newspaper was subject to a “meta refresh” hack earlier today, yet it seems to be fixed already. When going to any link, it would point to the following page: It seems to be hacked by a particular W0LF Gh4m3d, a person who does several defacements without any political agenda. One of his/her […]

  • Kriesi_image_preloader won’t load in IE / Opera

    A friend of mine is using the Newscast for his blog. It is a great looking theme that has an image preloader written in JQuery. It was all looking good in Firefox, but wasn’t displaying properly in IE and Opera. The javascript fails around line 60 in themes/TFnewscast/js/custom.js: jQuery(‘#main’).kriesi_image_preloader({delay:100, callback:removeloader}); This can be fixed by […]