Month: November 2009

  • 7days bashes on Linux, should stick to normal gossip

    7days recently published an article about Valerie Singleton who created a PC for the elderly. It was a well written, objective article until statements were made which wasn’t researched enough: The computer runs on Linux – an operating system of such bewildering complexity to anyone outside its inner circle that trained IT experts have been […]

  • Ban Ki Moon is now into 419 scams

    It seems that the United Nations is reserving 500.000 USD and I’m one of the 10 lucky ones to receive it. 😉 It’s the all old 419 scams, all over again. Just wrapped into a JPG image, and using trusted names. Some things will never change,

  • Your mobile number has been awarded 430,000.00 Pounds

    —— SMS —— From: +22996713827 Sent: Nov 5, 2009 9:54 PM Subject: (NOKIA PROMO) (NOKIA PROMO) Your mobile number has been awarded 430,000.00 Pounds. Your REF Number is ML10002BN. To claim, email: and call +447024084530 The only cool thing is that this SMS was sent from a number in Benin, which has a TLD […]