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Keeping windows services’ running, ghetto style

A small post, but so I can have it as a reference if I ever encouter it again. We’ve setup a Windows 2003 Domain, and run DNS on both the Domain Controllers. We have terrible issues with DNS always shutting down, and disabling itself, so it won’t boot up again.

While we are breaking our heads on how this happens, we made a small two-liner script to enable a Windows service over the command line. We’ve put this in the recovery tab, and scheduled it as a task to run every hour.

The code to enable the DNS service, and to restart the service is below:

sc config DNS start= auto
net start dns

I know it’s very ghetto way of keeping DNS running, but we’re figuring out why DNS always shuts down. Until then, this provides us necesarry DNS uptime 😉


fun uae

Dubai Twestival 2009

Yesterday evening, it was the Dubai Chapter of the Twestival. Twestival is a festival, organized by the Twitter community worldwide. Over 165 cities worldwide participated on this event to support the Charity Water foundation.

The Dubai chapter was held yesterday in Barasti, Mina Seyahi.

It was an amazing event, and had a great turnout. It’s very handy to put a person behind a “twitter username”, and met many new twitterers.

Thanks for the awesome team who organized it,


.tel TLD open for public tomorow

The new .TEL TLD willbe open for public tomorrow. It starts at a premium of close to 300 USD, and is destined for telecom operators.

Though, i’d say the more expensive would be and, corporates are more interested in the .com TLD anyways.

Thanks, and .tel your friends,