Month: December 2008

  • Dubai 2.0, more transparency please

    This post is not necessarily about the current credit crunch, and how Dubai is affected. Although it leans onto it. I just had a coffee with a good friend of mine, and we were speaking about the status of Dubai, and the entire region actually and it’s corporate profiles. And what is lacking is transparency. […]

  • Simple file sharing, is one of those websites I wish existed more. A form to share files up to 100MB; simple, neat and fast (thank you, whoever, for fixing the broken cables). A great, nifty tool from the guys at builtBackwards. Love it!

  • Cable cuts make UAE’s internet slooooow

    With recent cuts in “internet cables” off the coast of Sicily, the internet and voice traffic has been seriously affected in the region. It would take several days to be repaired… I forgot already what 14400 felt like..

  • Dubai Credit Card Fraudsters arrested

    Dubai Police arrested a gang of Arab men, who stole over 200 million dirhams using credit cards doing online shopping, Gulf News said. They were tipped off in August about the guys, and caught most of them now (one out of four is out of the country).

  • S60 widgets

    This is just a quick post on Nokia widgets.  I haven’t owned (lol, 0wned) a Nokia phone for ages (5 years to be specific), but I created a widget for last week. S60 (Series 60) widgets are a combination of HTML, Javascript and CSS, in a zip file, with a renamed extension. I believe […]